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About this site

This website has been made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of London Friend, the UK’s oldest LGBTQ+ charity. It features two main projects:

  • A timeline of the history of London Friend since its founding in 1972 to the present, which has been put together through extensive archival research. An extended version of this timeline can be found in the form of our Project Booklet.
  • A list of 50 LGBTQ+ Londoners that have shaped the LGBTQ+ scene in London and have helped advance the mission of London Friend.

Feel free to explore the different sections of this website and immerse yourself in the history of London Friend and the impact it has had on the LGTBQ+ community in London for half a century.

Thank you to everyone who has supported London Friend in the past 50 years and made this possible. We would not be here without you!