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Credits and Thanks

London Friend gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance of all who have contributed in any way to its 50th Birthday Heritage Timeline project.

In particular it wishes to thank:

On The Record for training the researchers and supervising the archive visits and the completion of the Timeline entries;
Olivia Aarons, Elizabeth Beacon, Srividya Meenakshisundaram, Claudia Merlo, Georgia Newman, Paul Oliver, Tim Spencer, James Whitfield and Johnny Wilkes for their work in searching through extensive archive materials;
Olivia Aarons, Elizabeth Beacon, Claudia Merlo, Paul Oliver, Tim Spencer and James Whitfield for writing entries based on their research for the Timeline;
the archivists of Bishopsgate Institute, LSE, Islington Local History Centre and the London Metropolitan Archives for facilitating the work of the researchers (special thanks to Stefan Dickers at Bishopsgate and Anna Towlson at LSE for their helpfulness in accommodating them on repeat visits);
Marian Larragy for sharing her memories of London Friend in the 1990s, for allowing the Timeline entry writers use of her MA thesis and for donating her personal archive of London Friend memorabilia to Bishopsgate Institute; and John Yates-Harold for his donation to Bishopsgate Institute of a live recording of Undying Heart: A Requiem for AIDS, written by him specially for the Gay Men’s Choir (now The London Gay Men’s Chorus), which he co-founded at London Friend.

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